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12 best sound Designing softwares available in free and Pro version for download

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12 best sound Designing softwares available in free and Pro version for download

Here we listing Top 20 Sound Designing Software available for Pro and Free Download. Sound designing Plays a crucial role in filmmaking process.Keeping that in mind we have compiled a list of the 12 best sound Designing softwares available in the market,with detailed information. The list has been developed keeping in mind the various requirements of today’s film makers.So here is the complete  list of the 12 best sound Designing softwares

12 best sound Designing softwares available in free and Pro version for download

  1. Avid Pro Tools –

Avid Tools are one of the most recommended audio designing tools in the industry, known for the diverse features it provides, it is used by not just the film industry, but any part of the world that deals with music. It features a couple of features that trump the competition, like in-line editing, which enhances user experience manifold. The company also designs proprietary hardware devices, meant solely for multi input recording, with high quality, to extract the best possible results from the software-hardware combination, though there are no constraints with using third party hardware. Avid Tools is present as a freeware called “First”, crafted for budding musicians, and initial developers, the First version supports functionality for a beginner level project, providing all services to the user as the registered “Pro” version, restricting features to a beginner, small scale project. Avid tools have long been rated as a must have for every sound studio, and lack on no front except for a lack of strong support of third party VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plugins. The licensed software is available for $699 as a standalone package, with the option of a rental basis for small businesses, at $30 per month.

Download Avid Pro tools Free Tools Download


  1. Audacity –

Audacity is a tool well known to the masses, as a basic audio player, and carrying the free-open source tag has not had the chance to show the actual potential it carries in the sound design field. Despite the fact that the number of features cannot match a pricey, professionally developed software, it is known to provide more than enough functionality to a developing musician to churn out a couple of decent sound tracks, without bounding of any kind, and just a hint of software knowledge. There is a lot of scope in the development of the software, and with the free tag, there is no better place to go for a beginner who wants to explore their options without any limitations of any kind.


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  1. Spectrasoics Omnisphere –

The Omnisphere PowerSynth is known for being extremely Pro-UX, and is a favourite among those who are fine working with a lower precision, at the cost of a simpler and more attractive experience. The database it provides however is free from any compromises, and contains a behemoth sample library, and the powerful engine can do just about anything with the available resources. The product comes only as a paid software, with a one time fee of $499. There is no evaluation, or free version, which does not come as a surprise since it is built for users looking for easy usage, and a premium experience. This comes without a lifetime support, and a upgrade fee of $249 is required to migrate from the current version to the next. Keeping in line the customer base, it has an extensive support department, which is available to provide assistance when and where required.

Spectrasoics Sound Designing Software free download

  1. Native Instruments Kontakt – Sound Designing Software

This software is the way to go for those looking to work in a strictly technical manner. It works on a music piece from a very basic level, at the point of sampling, and the result is a software processor, which is believed to produce a better output than some hardware filters. It consists of an on board library of over a 1000 instruments, with over 43GB of data, coupled with a possibility to create own instruments. The software bundle includes a free player, to use with third party instruments, The Kontakt bundle comes in two variants, the $399 ultimate pack to the $249 basic pack, both of which do not come with support, and have to be upgraded every cycle for a fee of $99.

Download Native Instruments Kontakt Free Download

  1. Adobe Audtion –

A part of the widely known Adobe creative suite, this software covers multidimensional aspects in sound editing, adding effects, etc. A big advantage of this software is the high quality of restoration of noisy audio, which is an excellent tool for an editing software. Being a part of a custom suite, which has a video editing software as well, this fares well, when trying to merge these changes with short films. Owing to the fact, the huge organisation, that Adobe is, they also provide free and interactive tutorials to developers to get a head start with all functions and a large customer support base. Adobe also provides a huge range of pricing options, based on their customer’s needs, with Rs. 1353 per month for individuals with ultimate access, Rs. 2029 per month for businesses, and a small Rs. 676 per month fee for students and teachers, giving extremely cheap, and flexible payment options to all users.

Download Adobe Audition CS6: 

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  1. PropellorHead Reason –

Reason is termed as a recording software to create amazing software. It is an easy to use software, that works on the skills of the user to create and combine different songs, use their inspiration to the best possible outcome and hence comes in a small package, with a high processing, memory efficient algorithm to get the best out of anything that is thrown at it. The software toolkit also provides easy connectivity to mobile platforms for effortless sharing, and mobile usage. It contains inherent support for converting all input streams into MIDI, for easy interfacing and compatibility with other systems. Reason comes with a 30-day trial period, for evaluation purposes, which is available to businesses and individuals alike, and can be further upgraded to continue the full functionality for $399. The versions are upgradeable into future releases for a sum of $129.

Download Propellerhead Reason 7- Free Download

  1. Steinberg Wavelab –

The latest version of Wavelab introduced a number of improvements, both performance, and UX. The interface is a ribbon-tab layout, which provides easy access to all the features. An added advantage of the software is that it has inbuilt tools for implementation of complex, yet common effects, like creating an audio montage, audio analysis and feature extraction, loudness correction, and noise filtering. To provide a more professional environment, it provides ultimate customization to the software panels, including colours for different panes for users to personalize according to their preferences. Wavelab offers the pro version of the software for $128, which is way cheaper than the competition. However, there is no evaluation or free version for the software.

Steinberg Wavelab Free download- Cracked Version

  1. FabFilter Timeless – Sound Designing Software Download

Fabfilter is a delay controlling tool, that uses different modulation techniques to achieve a high quality output. A notable feature here is On-line editing, which allows incoming audio to be stored in a buffer, editing alongwith, providing a real-time editing experience. Another advantage is the multi-channel recording option that lets the user record stereo sound, improving on the overall experience. Timeless 2 is available for a 30 day free evaluation, and the full bundle can be bought for around $900. The price seems steep, however, individual modules are also available at a fraction of the cost, depending on your need, with a 50% discount to students and teachers. The verdict goes to say that if you need a delay tool, you need to work with Timeless 2.

  1. iZotope Trash 2 –

This functions more as a plugin than a wholesome software kit. The algorithm concentrates primarily on distortion effects and the software succeeds in doing justice to it. Providing more functionalities than a hardware distortion kit, this software is easy to use, and can be used to “Trash” or distort any track, be it a guitar, drum, or synth track. Furthermore, the algorithm is optimized to design your own effect, which could be developed from ground up, or could use a combination of available filters. Available for a small amount of $100, this is the ultimate distortion filter you have been looking for, and provides an evaluation version too.

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  1. NCH Audio Wavepad – Download 

This is possibly the easiest software to use in the whole list. Voted by many websites as the best audio editing software available in the market. It has retained a simple, elegant and easy to use user interface providing intuitive functionalities at the click of a button. NCH Audio provides a suite, which helps in enhancing the functionality of Wavepad. The NCH MixPad allows recording on a number of different channels, and then the task of arranging them, introducing delays, effects, removing noise and silence can be done with the help of the wavepad. Priced at $49.99, the master’s suite provides all the basic functionalities, with little room to improvise at an effective price and with a lifetime support for all native updates. The site also provides a trial version as well, for a time period of 30 days with full functionality, and limited functionality after that.

Download NCH WavePad Sound Recording- Free Download

  1. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab –

This tool, initially built specifically to digitize vinyl records, is a great choice for processing sounds recorded in imperfect sound conditions. It efficiently reduces “hiss” and “zz” noises from the input sounds, while the intelligent algorithm introduces suitable fade in and fade out to the track to obtain studio-like outputs. Apart from this, it packs in the ability to add a number of basic sound effects, and audio commentary, which really is icing on the cake. Available for a small price of $34.99, it is a great post/pre-processing tool, and a must have for beginners who may not have access to sophisticated and expensive recording studios.



  1. Steinberg Cubase – Software For Sound Designers 

As per the description on the website, it is Steinberg’s most successful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). The best feature of the software lies outside of the development kit, in the customer support, where before the actual delivery of the product, the solutions are refined as per user requirement, and then updated regularly to keep the user updated. Furthermore, the cost of the software is also crafted as per the user’s ability, giving pristine user experience throughout the buying and usage. They also provide you with alternative options, if the course of your development tends to diverge away from the initial plans. The newly designed interface works on simplifying the process of development, and helping the user concentrate on innovating more, while the intelligent tracking system opens up new possibilities to introduce and improvise. For those with the resources, Cubase is the ultimate experience, with no cons at all, which can be experienced in the fully functional, 30 day trial period, and can be further purchased for EU99.99.

Download Steinberg Cubase- 

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