Is By Directing Short Films will literarily Helps newbie Filmmakers to make 70 MM Films? Explained!

Film is a very creative way to express one’s imagination, thoughts to the mass public. It is just not a mere medium of entertainment but today it has turned into a very strong and bold medium to convey what we feel. Short films are also very spontaneous phenomenon of hitting different issue with the touch of entertainment and surprisingly it is doing wonders! Shorts film are basically low budget or Zero- budget film made by directors for gaining experience and are used for future reference in bagging investors and sponsors.

           LIPSTICK    In almost all the cases, Short films are funded by different NGO’s and foundations. It is being analysed that public take short films message with more sincerity rather than high profile Bollywood movies. There are many short films like Lipstick, Smile Pinky etc that have done very well and been appreciated all across the globe for their strong message. Anupam Purkayastha, Aditya Nair, Himanshu Tyagi are some Indian short film directors. There are many Bollywood actors and director actively directing short film with different NGO’s and foundations making attempts for social changes. Anurag kashyap, zoya Akhtar, Farhaan Akhtar are working with Bills gates foundation on different social issues. There are several short films that had made huge and grossed appreciation and awards. The short film “LIPSTICK” by Khais Millen was also very appreciated in 2014. “Smile Pinkky” was nominated for Oscars.

It is very essential to understand that there is a huge difference in treatment of a big screen movie and a short film. Where a short movie is basically inclined for gaining experience there silver screen movies are completely business oriented even though they hold the script related to social affairs. The movies focus on entertainment and are really big affair from shooting to production and release, whereas shorts films are comparatively very simple and straight forward. Short films are great medium for learning the techniques of film making but it all alone is not enough! There are hundreds of upcoming challenges waiting in making movie for big screen. It is pretty tough to convince sponsors and production because they are highly business headed! But indeed, the experience from short film always guides you to find a better way!

Now, the question is if short film directors can become professional film makers? Well, there is no specific criteria of professional degree which guarantees your success in this field. It is very unconventional field with lot of struggle and uncertainty. No one have any idea which factor will work as a magic for you. But there are some important qualities which helps you to insure your success. The deep and practical understanding of the industry, the nature of film- making, the rational and logical approach towards the script, these are some common factors to be found in every successful film maker. It really does not matters that if you are a short film director but if you have these qualities and guts to face the challenges and resist the struggle than no one can stop you from being a successful film maker. There is a basic and very small factor which draws public attention and that is “something new”.

A script with potential and an attempt towards something new have never gone unnoticed, may be you don’t achieve what you have expected but you will never be left ignore. That’s Certain, Short film makers can become professional, if they are ready to walk with the pace of the professional world!

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