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Evolution of Indian cinema Complete Analysis


Evolution of Indian cinema Complete Analysis

Cinema Of India

Indian Film History -

Indian Film industry is changing, everyday there is some new evolution going on making it a better and sustainable industry. The actors, directors, producer everyone is somewhere a responsible part of this evolution. It has been very long since we started with film making and slowly growing with the pace, this industry turned out to be biggest entertainment industry. We started with “Raja Harish Chandra”, we have seen phase of mute movies and black and white age. Gradually, with the time it had grown as an international recognised industry which now consists of world class actors, directors and facilities.

Indian film industry statistics

Few decades back. In 90’s it was very predictable and common to guess the trait of movies. Everyone had almost the same plot underneath. They were highly dramatically influenced and were name sake practical. Before that there was a time when we had movies basically oriented on love, family drama and before that the only interest of film makers was religious movies because that was the topic which interests public.

But, with the passing time public lost its interest in the same mono- oriented plot which forced film makers to come up with something new. Apart from this the exposure and contact with west filmy industries also influenced our industry for a better and rational change. The directors and film makers started focusing on other issues and started finding new plot which can keep public entertain.

Potential Changes

In early time, Actress were merely show piece to keep public interested and entertain. May be it is harsh reality but it is true but now with time things have changed. Now, Actress are getting role with something to do. Their role have potential, they are strong and bold, and the role of silk smita played by Vidya Balan in “The Dirty Picture” is a proof of the acceptance of the unconventional story by film industry and public. It is appreciable that the creative people are trying to break old conventional methods and setting new definition of entertainment and movies.

The creativity bloomed and here we are today, it is a complete 360 degree change. Today’s movie have the potential to amuse public by it creative and original approach. They are breaking boundaries and setting new limits of entertainment blend with sensibility, responsibility, imagination and creativity.   The domain of script is ranging from social issues to science fiction and from mythological stories to Avant futuristic stories. The film makers are now focusing to not to just make movies but creating legends. The efforts are being recognised worldwide and movies are now nominated for Oscars. Our stars, directors and production is working with international film makers and contributing their efforts in international movie, it is a matter of pride that we have grown so lavishly in such a small period!

By every passing day we are adding something new and surprising in our Golden history, Indian Film Industry is changing, and it is changing for good.

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