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How do Indian TV Channels earn money – Real Answers

How do TV Serials earn Money


How do Indian TV Channels earn money – Real Answers

This article explaining clearly about the revenue from TV Shows, Usual Budget of Indian TV Serials,  Making money from Program Ratings, and production scenes behind the Reality Shows. If you needed any further clarifications regarding  this topic, comment your opinion below. Happier to assist you.

Daily soaps in India are that tonic, which has become a necessity these days. And with passing time, one can easily consider this entertainment aspect as a commercial prospect. TV serial makers these days are minting money by creating such content that hypnotizes the audience and create an addiction towards it.  Don’t consider it in a wrong sense – these serial makers are earning because of their hardwork and patience they keep. Every top rated show from every regional language like Kumkum Bhagya (Zee TV; Hindi), Vanambadi (Asianet; Malayalam), Swati Chinukulu (ETV Telugu; Telugu), Radha Ramana Mahasanchike (Colors Kannada; Kannada), Dharwakadessh Bhagwaan Shri Krishna (Dangal TV; Bhojpuri), Deiva Magal (Sun TV; Tamil), Jal Nupur (Star Jalsa; Bengali) etc are running successfully under the guidance of successful producers. But the question still remains the same – How do TV serial makers earn money? The concept is pretty familiar to all of you however there needs to be certain clarity about how ball is mostly in their favourable court. There are various determinants that not only decide the rank of the show but also the ‘return’ the producers have invested.

Content Includes

  1.  Revenue Source of TV Channels
  2. Revenue based on TV Channel Rating
  3. Budget of Indian TV Channels


  • TRP – Television Rating Point, a method to evaluate programmes based on the views. These views are generally on per second. The popularity of the show is also dependent on the channel and actors involved in the show. Higher the TRP, higher the profit they earn. The popularity of the show is also determined by the number of advertisements shown during the show. Advertisements are base for media publications. For example, if the channel charges 80 K/ per minute for ads, and a 30 minute show has a break of 15 minutes then, it sums up to be 12 Lakhs. This money is shared by the producer and channels in any proportion they agreed on. If we consider it 1:1 then the producers earns 6 Lakhs/per day. Now if the show is aired 5days/week then 6*5= 30. But this is his Gross Income – after deducting fees, cost of props, set. Etc, whatever left is earned by the producer.


  • There is an emerging trend in daily soap these days by promoting the products of certain brands during the show maybe a ornaments, apparels, cosmetics etc. The actors talk about its speciality as a part of the content of the show. The show charges enormous amounts from the brands which is direct revenue for the producer.


  • You Tube is one of those popular website in India, which attracts millions of viewers/ per minute. The collaborated partners of You Tube pay the channels to buy copyrighted videos as their exclusive footage. In order to air that online, they need a verified proof that they have right to use it. For that they have to meet the producer and pay him which serves as his income. You can Read our article How to Make Money by uploading videos on You Tube 


  • In case of reality shows produced in India, be it dance shows or singing shows, when the screen asks you to vote for your favourite contestant to save them from elimination by sending a message or by dialling a number, they always use private telecom services that comparatively charge more than normal like Rs3-4/ per message or call. Apart from saving your favourite contestant, it also serves as a medium of earning to the producers.


Mentioned above are all common factors that contribute in the income of the producers of TV serial. But there are some other factors that vary from contract to contract like if the actors of the show use their character fame for some personal event, the producers deserve royalty or so. But after all this tedious work of being a producer and handling all the stuff a producers earns an estimate of 30 Lakh -50 Lakh per annum which is worth the effort they put.

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  1. Jeremy Thompson

    February 20, 2018 at 5:42 am

    Basically, as your article suggests, Hindi channels earn through their popularity whether they are shown through the television, internet, or YouTube. That sounds like an extremely interesting concept to learn more about. I might give a shot to watching some Hindi channels as they do seem to be quite interesting if they manage to live using earnings from popularity. Thanks!

  2. saddam

    March 2, 2018 at 4:30 pm

    Hello mam mai actor bana chata hu mai knpr se hu


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