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How to Start Your Own Film Society in India?

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How to Start Your Own Film Society in India?

The Film Society movement in India was known since 1947, the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray founded the first Indian film society at Kolkata in 1947.  Thereafter, lots of film societies were established in other part of India. Some of the leading film societies in India are Calcutta Film Society (Kolkata), Chennai Film Society (Chennai), Metro Film Society (Kochi), Habitat Film Club (Delhi), Suchitra Film Society (Bangalore) and Madurai Film Society (Madurai, TN).

The Film Societies are great Platform to watch and review the great films. Unlike the large film halls, the film societies, are usually set-upped in small congested rooms. but you won’t be regret for that, because, you will get an opportunity to watch more rare films. In case, there is no film society around you and you are seriously thinking about the starting a film society, then this article will guide you to set up your own film society.

Step By Step Process- Explanation of Film Society/club Registration in India

First Step- Registration

For getting the approval from the federal body, at first register your film society under the Registrar of Societies Act as a charitable trust organization (Section- Charitable Trusts Act). The maximum expense that needed for this registration is around 1500 INR -2500 INR. You can walk-in to your nearest district registrar office for knowing the further registration details.

Second Step – Federation of Film Society India

Federation of Film Society, India (FFSI) is the authorized governing council of film societies in India. After completion of the registration, apply to the FFSI for the approval. Their approval process will take around 1-2 weeks. FFSI is having its offices in Trivandrum, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi.

Now, arrange an affordable video projector and start your own film society. Also, a warning – never exhibit any kind of non-licensed films: According to the Indian Cinematography act, Public Exhibiting of films with out a proper permission is not permissible. You can collect some licensed films from NFAI Pune, Doordarshan and Film Division Of India. 

Federation of Film Society Headquarter address

FFSI is: C-7 Bharat Bhaban, 3 Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata 700072, India.

Other External Links

FFSI Delhi Official WebPage  

FFSI kerala Official Webpage


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  1. Bhosdinandan Pandey

    September 27, 2015 at 7:14 am

    Sorry, but an article framed with such minimal enthusiasm and really, as a formality, will actually end up discouraging the select few who do want to be film society activists. Most details or the intricacies of the process are amiss, too. Also, FFSI is obsolete except in the West and the South, so it’s important either to revive it or leave it in the past. FFSI Delhi does not exist anymore, btw.

    • FMF Resources

      October 1, 2015 at 8:03 pm

      Thanks Bhosdinandan For the Comment
      We appreciate you for showing an interest in reading this article.

      Including this, every articles on this webpage are written on the basis of a research. Here, this case we had asked for the opinions of the responsible ones many of leading film societies in India and sadly we got negative comments from them. We are sure that people like you must seek for this kind of article.
      Thereafter few days, we got a chance to interact with Mr. Mohan Kumar FFSI Keralam. He explained us and on that behalf we wrote down this.

      However, your comment is also appreciable. If we found that FFSI Delhi exists no more, we will wipe out that portion from this content



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