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Four Core Elements of Digital Storytelling


Four Core Elements of Digital Storytelling

Digital Story Telling, an easier method to narrate your story in an in expensive way. Digital storytelling technique is effectively found applicable in the fields of teaching, seminars and product demonstration. The main reason why the digital storytelling got such wide popularity is because it is found easier to practise and cost efficient. Telling a digital story in an impressive way is not an easier task as you think.

Let’s explain four Point-B-Point analyses Of Digital Story Telling

Element #1 Theme

Expand Your Theme/story in according to the focus subject; always make sure that you are not diverted from your focus.  This is very important to keep the audience attention. Plot your story as like a profession writers. As it is a digital mode of storytelling, you must give importance to its theme/story.

Element #2 Methodology

Usually in Digital storytelling, the way of telling story is “I” as a first character. But, this alters if a representative of an organization will became the presenter of digital story telling. There he/she should subjected as “we”

Element #3 Format

Make sure that the story that you are going to tell is formatted in a right chronological order. This will potentially helpful to reach your subject ideas among the audience.

How To format a Digital Story?
  • Introduction:- In This slider, you give an introduction about yourself or about the organization that you are represent to. Sometimes the Introduction will be as a “Welcome” text (or) in sometimes it might be an iconical Image.
  • Title- Display your Title, keep simple it as possible. Don’t add any horrible background music. We recommended that, if you can hire a local sound designer or a musician, then it would be far better. You can expect an ultimate perfection, if so
  • Structure- Nothing much different from film story telling. Start from the Basic introduction (tensionless) then gradually expand the story (now the audience seems more tensioned, their curiosity is at peak with it comes near to the wind-up section) and then finally conclude the story in a satisfactory way. To achieve this, you must recheck the story and enclosed content before it getting live.

Element #4 Outcome

Mp4 format is a usually accepted way, so format your digital story telling in Mp4 Format. Also if you are using High-end video editing applications like Adobe Premier or Final Cut, then don’t forget to render the video (digital story telling) before porting to an external storage device.

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