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5 suggested ways to make Digital Story Telling Impressive


5 suggested ways to make Digital Story Telling Impressive

1. Impressive Foundation

Story is the foundation of any visual Medium, same is here as well. So make sure that your story/content is powerful to attract the potential audience. Analyze the story top to end in according to the content, if it seems mundane: then analyze it and alter it in a best way as you can possible. Start telling your story with curiosity-gap, then step by step let the audience involved into the story and finally wind-up the story in a satisfactory way.

  1. Time

It is Very-Very important fact in Digital Story Telling, the maximum time duration of digital story telling is 3-4 minutes. As it is not a proper visual medium, lengthier-time of storytelling might be bored among your audience. So make it short as possible, but don’t try to wind-up the story in pointless Spot. This will spoil Your all efforts.

  1. Right Format

It is best to maintain a right format in according to your story, you must be certain about where to add the text, images, animations, and sound tracks. Co-ordinate the texts-images and voice over/soundtracks in a chronological order, this is the one best thing that makes your story powerful. Somehow if you are entirely new to video storytelling, do a deep research in the fields of sound designing and video composition. This bit of research will makes you to gain better quality results

  1. Copyright

Make sure that the images and sound tracks that you are using is patent-free, in case you are adding images/soundtracks in an unsolicited source, then the inventor had the exclusive right to file a petition against you. So beware of that,

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  1. Make it Simple

Avoid the usage of unnecessary special effects like blurring, fade-in, fade-out, color balance and adjusting exposure values. These tinsel effects won’t be helpful to you in creating an impact in audience mind, instead it reflects negatively.

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