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Bollywood Says “Still, There is No Right Person found Eligible to sit on The Throne of Yash Chopra”


Bollywood Says “Still, There is No Right Person found Eligible to sit on The Throne of Yash Chopra”

Yash chopra, the legendary film director who ruled on our hearts for years, His name is enough to make movie buffs go crazy on their heels overhead! He was the king of romance, the magical director famous for his eternal everlasting love stories and his brilliant music sense. He was active in Bollywood since it’s starting phase and had been there adding his efforts to make Bollywood stand where it is today! He had started his career as an assistant director in 1959 with film “Dhool ke Phool” to the director I.S. Johar and B.R. chopra. Very soon, his brilliant skills in film making led him to a commercially successful director and after that he never turned to look back in his career.


Yash chopra, was a great director but apart from direction he also contributed his efforts in script writing, production and he had a special attraction toward music. He has given break to many legends making them rule the Bollywood till date! Amitabh Bacchan, Shahrukh Khan are his choice! His movies also establishes him as a brilliant directors, his movies very diverse, intense and appealing. He made his debut in 1959 by Dhool ke Phool followed by Dharamputra in 1961. His success motivated him to fetch a career in Bollywood. Waqt, in 1965 is a brilliant example of critical and commercial successful drama, he pioneered the concept of ensemble cast in Bollywood.

Overjoyed with success, Yash Chopra launched his own production “Yash raj Films” in 1973 with “Daag: A poem of love”, followed by a thriller with Amitab h Bacchan named Deewar setting him lead actor of Bollywood. His movie “Darr” also made Shah Rukh Khan an established lead actor in Bollywood. His movie “lamhe” is credited his best work date by critics and himself. He bagged many award in his career including several national and film fare awards. He was also honoured by Dadsaheb Falkhe award and Padma Bhusan for his contribution in film making. He was the first Indian to be honoured by BAFTA a lifelong membership for his works.

The reason for the success of Yash chopra goes to his brilliant and intense understanding of direction and his hard work, dedication and passion in film making. He was skilled to understand the nerves of public. He had a great hold on romance, love and emotional stories which made people spell bound and his movies has left unforgettable imprints on our mind. He was never afraid of experimenting and let people go “wow…we never expected this but this is brilliant!”

The movies “Dil to pagaal hai”, “Veer Zara” and “Jab tak hai jaan” set Shahrukh as King Khan. All these movies were blend of romance with different plot and unforgettable stories. He had made classic, modern, eternal films making people respect him for his deep and intense sense of film making.


The movie Jab tak hai jaan was his very aspirational project but his dismissal before its release left whole Bollywood and country under shock.  We lost a brilliant director and this loss is never mendable. His last movie was criticized but no matter what its music had took our heart beats! The combinations of twenty six alphabets will be not enough to describe this legends. He will always be there in our heart and his work will last forever…!

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