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Paining Story, A Recent Instance Of Script Smuggling

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Paining Story, A Recent Instance Of Script Smuggling would like to use its website not just to provide information and entertainment about the film industry, but also to report the various malpractices in the field thus bringing them to light and into the notice of the authorities. We have found out that the practice of smuggling film scripts continues in the country. When many victims realize that the story of a recently released movie is the one they had put so much struggle to build, here is the case of a person who had the chance to get to know that his script was nicked much before it was made into a movie, when his own script was pitched to him by another person, claiming that it was written by the latter’s main script writer.

It was Sanjeev Sharma who was doomed and blessed at the same to time to know that his script was smuggled when it was pitched to him. In the first week of March, Sanjeev had seen a status on ‘Script Writers for Film’ page insanjeev-sharmaFacebook, inviting scripts from the script writers of that forum. He had also provided his email ID to which interested script writers could send a synopsis of their script. The plan was to shortlist the scripts and then let the writer know. As Sanjeev wanted to know more about this venture, he left the person a personal message in his inbox asking him what his exact role in this deal was. Then he replied that he was directing a film, for which he had already arranged a producer. Hence, Sanjeev sent a synopsis of his script to his mail. Sanjeev says that, since then, he did not receive any word from the person.                                                                                                                                                 

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 Meantime, on 29th April, Sanjeev’s friend referred to him a production house who was looking for a writer. The very next day, on 30th April, Sanjeev visited the production house which was situated in Andheri. The person whom he met there introduced himself as the manager of the house. He briefed Sanjeev about the project, and its budget which was 70 to 80 lakhs and also told him that if he was selected, he would have to assist the main writer. Sanjeev agreed and on his curiosity, he wanted to know the subject and the genre of the film and when the manager narrated the logline. He was shocked to learn that it was his own logline that the manager was narrating – the very same words and why it was unique.

Hiding his shock, Sanjeev asked him from where he the manager had received this concept and the manager responded by proudly calling up his main writer. It was then Sanjeev showed them the registration of his synopsis of the same logline and also showed them the story which was saved in his phone. Sanjeev also informed the manager that his script was ready for the same logline. The main writer went speechless, unable to justify himself with where and how he got the logline and story. Sanjeev then pitched his work to him.

However, Sanjeev is sure that person to whom he had mailed his synopsis was different from the so-called writer he met at the production house. To his dismay, Sanjeev has no idea how his logline reached this person. Nevertheless, Sanjeev is relieved and considers himself lucky that his logline was pitched to himself.

The most disturbing and fact that renders such victims helpless is the idle attitude of the authority who must take strong actions towards punishing and preventing such malpractices. When we asked Sanjeev if he was going to file a petition against the person or organization that had cheated and stolen his script, he replied in a given-up tone. He had consulted the FWA, however, they replied that they could not take an action against the stealing of a logline. However, if it was made into a movie, then surely his case was on. This clearly communicates the disinterest of the authority to nip a crime in the bud, but to make it big and thus let a person’s hardwork go in vain. Still Sanjeev has no clue how his logline has reached the writer as it was not the person to whom he had mailed. He adds that he had left a mail to the person to whom he had sent the synopsis, but the Google replied that such an account doesn’t exist!

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