Here, the Best Links for learning Filmmaking Tips and technique In Telugu Language

Telugu Film industry is one of the largest film Industries in India. Every year, the industry has contributed 250 films, as of 2014 the annual box office collection of Telugu Film Industry was US$200 million.

Combining here, few filmmaking tips and tutorials that explained in Telugu Language.

While searching some resources for this particular topic, we’ve noticed few filmmaking tutorials explained blogs that are written in Telugu Language. Somehow it didn’t seem good in context and in terms of timely updates. But, we sawed good number of well explained Video Tutorials in YouTube.

  Very First, we want to capture your attention to a filmmaking tip video explained by the acclaimed filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma. The video shared online through Ram’s official YouTube Channel ‘RGV’ He shared valuable filmmaking tips in that video based on his life experience. Also, you can find numerous other filmmaking tips related videos on his You Tube Channel.

Second another video channel that we noticed is, created by Ravi, a Multimedia Student. At least, 7-10 worth watching Telugu filmmaking tutorial videos we found in his this You Tube Channel.


Finally, the podcast uploaded by Telugu Vartha is worth to watch for learning Filmmaking. This 25 Minute video has given you best filmmaking explanation that you could have ever get.

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