Indian Filmmakers, Show Your Short Film on ABP News

The ABP news is giving an excellent platform for the filmmakers for broadcasting their Film through their TV Channel. The important thing is only who have made any short film on ‘Swacch Bharat’ are eligible for participating in this program.


The last date to submit your short film is 30 September.


How to Participate?

  • Click the link to access the short Film competition conducting website
  • Fill your Personal details
  • Upload the Video / share the YouTube link of the video
  • Click on submit

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  1. Hi nice to hear that you did Masters in Chennai. I am a doctor interested in short film making right now i am in oman

  2. STAR News was launched on 18 February 1998. From 2003 STAR News became a complete Hindi News Channel. It was the first bilingual (English – Hindi) news service and was initially run by STAR on its own with NDTV doing the production till 2003. But when the agreement with the NDTV expired in 2003, STAR News was transformed into a complete Hindi language news channel, part of STAR and ABP tie up.


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