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These Basics Will Level Up Your Film Lighting Game


These Basics Will Level Up Your Film Lighting Game

Lighting is one of the key concepts that give your footage a professional look and prevents it from looking amateur. Here are few elements, rules and types of lighting essential for you to know:

  1. Every light has a colour temperature. Anything above 5000 Kelvin has a cool colour temperature and the light is bluish. Below, 5000 Kelvin, the light is warm and orange-ish.
  2. You can either have an open-faced lighting fixture or a Fresnal fixture.
  3. Few types of lights are:
  • Halogen light is warm and has an orange colour temperature. It’s very bright and cheap but can get hot and dangerous.
  • HMI lights have blue colour temperature. They are brighter than halogen lights and are efficient in energy. However, they are expensive.
  • Fleuroscent lights have cool/warm colour temperature and cast very soft lighting but aren’t very strong.
  • LED lights cast blue/warm temperature. They are bright but expensive.
  1. Three pointing lighting lights up a subject using three lights; two in front and one at the back.
  2. Foreground-background separation ensures depth. Light gets softer as the light source gets bigger.

You can learn few more basics about film lighting from this video:


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