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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

This Page of is explaining our terms of use (Conditions for site accessing).  We recommended to the visitors that, read our “Terms of Use “ (TOU)section carefully before starts using this website. Some of the terms articulated in legal language, but we put our best effort to explain this Term of Use statement as much simple and quite understandable. We update the following terms of use without any prior alert. Visitors can see the most current version of TOU at the bottom right-hand corner of our web page.

1. About This website and Ownership

This website is all about the Filmmaking technology, film editing, cinematography, Film reviews and various backstage –front stage process of making a film. In addition, this site also covers the film review topics and the latest happenings of Indian Film Industry. All the data’s, Logo, service mark, contents, web-layout, colors, and applications are solemnly the property of Filmmakers Fans unless otherwise noted. allow non-harmful website cookies, you can get our cookies acceptance policy in the privacy policy section.

2. Site Access

Any person who is above the age of 13 is entitled to visit our website. We make the site as responsive, in all the display panels of various gadgets. Meanwhile, on accessing to this site you found any temporary errors, page blocking or you feel any compatibility issues, then report us the issue that you noticed. We will take adequate measures to fix it.

Under certain circumstance we terminate your Email subscription and the access to the service. The conditional causes for the subscriber termination shall include but not be limited to any of  the following reasons a) awful (or) inappropriate commenting in posts in our web links or else in the integrated social-media sites b) ) a request by the user (self-initiated account deletions) c) a request by someone about  the mischievous that you deliberately practised in our website c) Violating our Terms Of Use (TOU) conditions d) uploading or adding some virus/malicious link files or data’s to our website in any forms e) extended period of inactivity f) inappropriate using of our site resources g) persons who found in defaming to our site resources.

3. Articles

All the articles embedded in this website are the completely copyrighted to Copying, reproducing or altering any of the writings from our website is strictly prohibited in according to the copyright act of 1957.  Helps us to maintain the privacy, if you think that the copyright has been violated or any unlawful practices noticed on a website, kindly report us the exact issue to our webmail.

4. Subscription

We integrated the Subscription link in the to receive our newsletters of recent site updates. We never used or transferred such saved emails for any promotional activities. Your security is paramount to us, we never send a spam or an unsolicited categorized email to you. In the meanwhile, if you don’t wish our newsletters, you can easily unsubscribe from our mailing list at any point of time.

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