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This Portion is all about the adverting of the online information practices that are schemed in, also about the privacy policy of your personal information. You can always view this privacy policy Information’s in bottom our ( home page or else you can redirect to this page easily through by clicking this HTTP link ( Add a Bookmark of this tab to your browser, in case needed.

We at never reveal our visitor’s server-base linked personal details such as Types of tool used, landing time, IP location service access, scrolled pages etc – to any of the other party organizations or persons. Your privacy is quite important for us.


A cookie is a small back-end hyperlink data; that a website sends to the browser and stored in your computer or a portable data storage device. automatically collects cookies and web beacons when a user visits our website. This automated cookie links functioned for the analysis about the site visitor’s count and various other sorts of website traffic patterns.

To manage the expenses, we placed the most legitimate third party advertisements in our websites. These advertisers use cookies and various web beacons for displaying ads in our website, one such advertising program is Google Ads. Through this program Google placed ads in our website on the basis of your previous web-searches; Technically This procedure is called as adsense. (For example if you visited the website of a hotel in Mumbai, on your next web searches you can see the advertisements of Mumbai based hotels) Adsense is a legitimate digital marketing program that used to display the ads on the websites.  This program not track the visitors personal information’s such as email address, visited web pages record, physical address, personal phone number, banking information’s or any such type of vital information . It is functionalised just to display an Advertisement In websites


Age Restriction  web link never published any inappropriate contents, images or videos that are harmful to the children’s. We always conscious the privacy of the young generation, it is quite important for us.

Condition: According to the act (Effective from April 21, 2000) of Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), online surfing is denied to the children’s less than 13 years of age.


Alteration to this Privacy Policy may to update this current privacy policy at any point of time. Such this random update in our privacy policy norms is because of the changes in cyber jurisdiction or else we notice unauthorized use of our website data’s. We are responsible to alert you about the major significant changes in our site’s privacy policy statement. Kindly drop your primary email to fmfwith a-mail-subject “privacy policy alteration alert” We will add you webmail to our database and alert you whenever there is a change happen in our privacy policy.


You Doubted Sometimes! OR else, you want us to report an issue  OR,  you want to appreciate us  : Thanks! We are sincerely expecting your feedback, the team utterly fall in love with visitor’s feedback. Just inform us, what you think really about (FMF)

Site Feedback

Each time on accessing to this website, if ever you notice an incompatibility (Or) else a display error; just let us know the exact issue that you found out. That Feedback is really worthy and important; our assurance is you never saw that similar error on the next time.

Writing’s Feedback

All The integrated articles/blogs/contents added to this website are thoroughly checked by a proof reader. So that it is easily readable without any flow-distractions. All the contents in this website ( are unique,for submitting a feedback; a reader can directly contact to the contributor (Writer); . The information about the contributors (Writers) is added below on their respective writings.

Your Opinions

We know that you certainly had some sorts of suggestion about FMF (Filmmakersfans), probably it is related to articles, videos or as a criticism. Whatever it is, we loved to hear your thoughts about; kindly revert your opinions to us

Site Compatibility 

We developed this website ( in a way that is totally adjustable for all the gadgets such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. However, if you are using a previous version of (any) web browser, there are some features of our website may not visually present properly: such as CCS styling enabled applications, JavaScript, Texts, and colors. In order to avoid this obscurity, we recommended you to check whether the browser you’re accessing is its current version or not. To determine this, click on the “help” section of browser, and find an option “About”; over there you can get the details of the version of the browser that you have. If you notice that you are accessing an outdated browser version, then upgrade to the newer version or else Download the newer version of web browser ( -as you wish.

Screen Resolution

This website ( is best viewed in all browsers; all the integrated apps and pages in this website are tested on behalf of a developer. This site is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1280×768 or higher than that. If your gadgets screen resolution is below 1280×768, then this site is not seems visually good. To adjust the screen resolution of your device, follow the methods that we added over here.

Windows OS

  1. Press above the start Button, which displayed on the lower left corner of your keyboard
  2. Now, on home screen right click on the (any) empty space,
  3. Scroll down and Find out the option screen” resolution
  4. Adjust its screen resolution to 1280×768 (or) larger, and click on “Save Changes” and Hit the option “OK”.


  1. Choose a Menu and go to System Preference
  2. Now Click On Displays and select the sub-option scaled
  3. Over there select the screen resolution 1024×768 or larger, based on the input your screen will automatically refresh to the new resolution


If you notice an error else the site is found not compactable in your gadget, just let us know the exact issue that you had. We will  fix it ASAP admn


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