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This Debut Woman Filmmaker’s Debut Film ‘Island City‬’ wins at 72nd Venice International Film Festival

Island City Ruchika Oberoi’


This Debut Woman Filmmaker’s Debut Film ‘Island City‬’ wins at 72nd Venice International Film Festival

The Debut Filmmaker Ruchika Oberoi’s Debut Film has won the FEDEORA (Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean) award on the stage of 72nd Venice International Film Festival, for the ‘Best Young Director.’

The film was premiered in the competitive category of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival on September 8 and the award information was declared on September 11. A statement from Venice International Film Festival officials regarding the film ‘Island City’ says ‘Island City stood out for its surrealistic vision of a quasi-modern world which is also rooted in the realities of everyday life.’

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The film was co-produced by NFDC: After finalising the Confirmed news of film selection, Vikramjit Roy, the sales head of NFDC quoted “The film’s success can be attributed to NFDC’s value chain that starts with training and development and transcends in our endeavour to promote the Cinemas of India across the world.”

The filmmaker ‘Ruchika Oberoi’ was an alumnus from India’s premier film school ‘FTII.’

Mr.  Pushpendra Singh, an FTII faculty from Department of Acting says ‘Congratulations! Ruchika for the award. Mr. Rajyavardhan Rathore (Broadcasting Minister) and Mr. Chauhan (Newly appointed chairman of FTII), who says, what has FTII produced in the last 20 Years? She is a Graduate of FTII’ said this Mr. Pushpendra as a response back to Mr. Rathore’s statement once he did, when the FTII students and faculty started strike for the removal of new FTII chairman Mr. Chauhan.

Watch ‘Island City’ Trailer

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