What’s Next, if a Director Fired off a Movie? James Cullen Bressack explains it

In an Interview with Film Courage, the Irish Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Producer Mr. James Cullen Bressack explained the situation when he was fired off from a Movie.

Mr. James revealed the situation he fired off when he was working as a Director

‘It was a Horror Movie and there was a sex-scene in that film. After completing that shot, the lead actress of that movie asked me her wardrobe, I conveyed that request to the producer, he threatened me for that. I can’t bear that situation at all and I realize that I am not comfortable to move with that project further.’ So, I decided to quit working for that Movie, they settled my payment and I made other movie. That was ‘To Jennifer’.’ In this Interview, James  also  explained tips for filmmakers, if they get trapped in such a ‘fired-off’ situation.

Mr. James Cullen, is a horror filmmaker based in Dublin. Some of his acclaimed films are -Pernicious (2015), White Crack Bastard (2014), The Music-Box Killer (2008) and Reflecting Love (2008. He was the son of great football player ‘Paddy Cullen’. Mr. James was settled in Dublin, Ireland.

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