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Simply explained: Rules and Guidelines of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)

censor-board of film certification rules and guidelines


Simply explained: Rules and Guidelines of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC)

Here we explaining the real rules and regulations of Central Board Of Film Certification. If you don’t know since the real process and formalities for the Film Certification, then this article will really help you.

To maintaining the quality and keeping up the cultural standards of the society, the CFBC put forward some rules and regulations. This article is explaining about the principal guidelines you know before submitting a film in front of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

We published few resourceful articles on Filmmakers Fans before regarding – The Types of Film Censoring in India and The Process of Censoring a Feature Film In India. You can read that here and here respectively. (Read It once in case you missed to read it.)

Now, read the Rules and Guidelines of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India.

Objectives of Film Certification

  1. Controlling the excessive artistic expression and creative freedom
  2. Maintaining unique cinematically standards
  3. The medium of film remains responsible and sensitive to the values and standards of society;
  4. Ensuring clean and healthy movies

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Anti-social activities such as Violence, Rape, etc are not glorified or justified
  2. The modus operandi of criminals, or similar visuals or scenes and words that likely to provoke the commission of any offense are not shown.
  3. Showing the involvement of Children in violence as victims are not shown
  4. Showing children as being subject to any form of child abuse shouldn’t allowable
  5. Showing abuse or mockery to mentally weak and Physically handicapped person are not allowable
  6. Showing cruelty or abuse of animals needlessly and in provoking way are not acceptable
  7. The pointless or avoidable scenes that clearly showing violence, the scenes showing cruelty, the scenes of violence primarily intended to provide entertainment and the scenes that of de-sensitizing or de-humanising people are not shown
  8. The scenes that glorifying drinking and glamorise drug addiction are not shown
  9. The scenes that encourage, justify or glamorise consumption of tobacco or smoking are not shown
  10. The dual-meaning words that deliberately added  to defame a community are not allowed
  11. The scenes degrading or denigrating women, involving sexual violence against women, attempt to rape or molesting women are not allowed
  12. Visuals or words disapproving racial, religious or other groups are not presented
  13. Showing sexual scenes/ perversions shall be avoided to get clean certificate
  14. Visuals or words promote communal, obscurantist, anti-scientific and anti-national attitude are not presented
  15. Visuals or words individual or a body of individuals, or contempt of court or questioning sovereignty and integrity of India or defaming national symbols, emblems and national anthem are not allowed

 Recent Update: The words that are showing in the below image are banned by CFBC. Take a Look



The following 6 embedded documents are showing the step by step censoring process of the film Munna Pandey Berozgaar.

Filmmakers Fans embedded the documents  on behalf  of the courtesy of Factly.

  1. Sample Form 1A – Munna Pande Berozgaar:


2. CFBC officer’s Response – After previewing Munna Pandey Berozgaar


3. Response  After first previewing Voluntary and Recommended Cuts List – Munna Pandey Berozgaa


4. Verification of suggested cuts by Examining Committee


5. Examining CFBC Officers  Response 


6. Approved and Alloted of Final Certificate By CFBC Exam Committee



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1 Comment

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